Our connection is built on communication and trust. Our meeting is a safe space for you to follow your deepest desires and kinks. Arrange a consultation meeting with me and let's get started.

Are you ready to play? 

My journey into the BDSM scene started back in Berlin, I was introduced to the kink scene and sex positive parties delving into the world of female domination. Since then my fascination grew and I attracted more and more people who enjoyed the BDSM lifestyle. Finding my own dominance within myself and getting qualifications from other pro-doms lead me to be a professional dominatrix. In 2018 I moved to London where I dived into the scene and have expanded my knowledge and passion ever since. 

I am highly intuitive and my sessions are based off of our energy flow. I believe in healing through BDSM. Your submission, respect and obedience will free your internal blockages and fears. Surrender your power to Mistress Lexi and your inner strength will grow. I'll take over your body, balancing physical punishment and emotional release.

My specialities are Corporal Play, Anal play and Humiliation. My Slaves enjoy training which includes mind control within a long term arrangement as I build up a unique connection with each of them

As a huge fan of Bettie Page I admire the pin-up Mistress style and my wardrobe is filled with colourful and vibrant latex outfits, harnesses and shiny PVC boots. I love dressing up to enhance womens inherent superiority.